Monday, June 22, 2009

Lady of Sicily(TRINACRIA)

This desgin is my take on an ancient Sicilian design that is carved in stone all over Sicily and is on it's flag. It's Medusa surrounded by three bare ladies legs. This goes back to Ancient Greece, the legs represent the three beautiful shores of the island and Medusa was to show that the people of Sicily worship and are protected by the Goddes Athena. The name "TRINACRIA" when this symbol is known by but it also is the ancient name for the island. It means "Triangle" the shape of the island

I screened this on the back of my motorcycle jacket and I get alot of great response from it, Sicilians and Italians how know what it is always come up to me or while I'm riding the bike, talk to me from their car windows.

The name is a mock motorcycle brand I made up. MINGIA is a Sicillian swear word.


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